Perfect place to sip on wine and eat hummus. The hummus was one of the creamiest smooth plates I've tried. Had just the right amount of olive oil and lemon in it.  It came with awesome cruchy pita chips and olive dip. 5 stars for sure.
Chimichanga C. Miami, FL
I love this place! I go all the time cuz the food is so healthy, fresh and delicious!! The hummus is fabulous and I order it as soon as I sit down! I have tried it at other restaurants and it just cannot compare to this place!! Their "Aguacate" (avocado), "Tawook" & "Tabouli" salads are great! And...YES, the baklava is good!
Lizette O.Miami, FL
I honestly really really like this place! Everything I've had from here has been deliciosooo. The greek fries are my favorite. Fries with feta cheese on top? Dear god. The hummus is also A+. They serve it with pita strips and these fresh and crunchy chips. They're perfect.
Sandra N. Miami, FL